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Stratebo Technologies offers you more freedom to allocate your resources to revenue-generating activities. We achieve this by automating the time-consuming grunt work necessary to run your transportation department. At the core of our offerings is our Transportation Management System (TMS) proven to be highly efficient and improve profitability for manufacturers, distributors and freight brokers. Stratebo is all about improving your operational efficiency to free up your time to do what really matters to you!
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We're experts in trucking and technology, with a background in business process optimization. Stratebo TMS was created over an eight-year period during which our management team transformed an asset-based carrier into an agent-based freight brokerage. One day we said to ourselves, "Stratebo’s efficiencies enabled us to grow our brokerage business tenfold in four years. Why not offer it directly to corporate clients and turn them into their own agents?" And thus the idea of the Corporate Agent was born.

Meet the Creators of Stratebo

Louis Louis M. Biron, CEO
Louis’s combined expertise in transportation, computer design, and business strategy acquired over the past 20 years enabled him to build the Stratebo Suite of Back Office Services from the ground up. With a Master of Computer Design, combined with his MBA, Louis first embarked on a career doing business process re-engineering with a management consultancy that was a spin-off of McKinsey Consulting. In this role, Louis worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 manufacturing companies improving business processes and cutting costs. After having subsequently run the Brink’s New York Ground Armored and US Air Freight Divisions, utilizing an extensive fleet of trucks as well as air cargo assets, Louis also ran a multi-state septic cleaning company funded by private equity, again, with a large fleet of trucks.

In 2003, Louis co-founded Stratebo Technologies, a software company initially focused on management dashboards and business strategy. With the acquisition of an asset-based carrier in 2005, Louis once again leveraged his talents in the transportation industry, this time on his own terms, in a more entrepreneurial venture that enabled him to identify the need for a better more efficient way to run the Company as it evolved into an agent-based brokerage. This led to the birth of the Stratebo Suite of Back Office Services. Due it its operating efficiencies, Stratebo enabled the Company to grow tenfold from 2010-2014, while it pivoted from an asset-based carrier to an agent-based brokerage.

Now as CEO of Stratebo Techonologies, Louis is excited to share our TMS with manufacturers, distributors and warehouses who want more control over their own freight costs and might even want to transform their transportation department into a profit center. Stratebo clients get direct access to the benefit of Louis's business process reengineering background as well as his experience on the operational side of a trucking company and a transportation brokerage.

An engineer by training, Louis earned his B.Eng. at McGill University, his MS in computer design at the University of Montreal, and his MBA at HEC in France. Louis is also a Board member EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) New Jersey’s Chapter and long-time member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Feel free to call or email Louis: 201-241-2221 ext. 102 or Louis@stratebo.com

Cheryl Cheryl Y. Biron, Chief Marketing Officer
Cheryl’s expertise in transportation and marketing strategy comes from a combination of large corporate and entrepreneurial experiences. For over 13 years, she managed consumer packaged goods businesses for large corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Block Drug Company (now owned by Glaxo SmithKline), and Prestige Brands, a smaller company that went public via an IPO. This gave Cheryl an understanding of how to ascertain what a variety of target customers want and need in terms of service.

Cheryl entered the transportation arena in 2005, with the acquisition of an asset-based carrier that she was instrumental in ultimately pivoting into an agent-based brokerage over a period of seven years. Cheryl’s leadership in the area of marketing, social media, recruiting, and strategic planning also helped with the development of Stratebo as the transportation company adapted to changing market dynamics and grew tenfold from 2010-2014. Her ideas for the automation of many of the repetitive tasks associated with a transportation brokerage helped Louis in his development of Stratebo TMS. When these tasks became too time-consuming, Cheryl’s mantra was always, “Can’t we just automate it?”

Cheryl earned her BS at Cornell University and her MBA at The Wharton School. She is a Board member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) New Jersey’s Chapter and an active member of the Wharton Club of New Jersey.

Feel free to call or email Cheryl: 201-241-2221 ext. 104 or Cheryl@stratebo.com

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