Corporate Agent Packages

At Stratebo, we take back office automation to the extreme! Our Suite of Back Office Services can help you as much as it helps traditional freight agents and brokerages. Please take a look at our three Corporate Agent Packages:

Stratebo TMS Package

Transportation Management System

  • One window for easy navigation
  • Paperless
  • Keep track of all shipments and dispatch
  • Automated load board posting
  • Mileage and suggested rates
  • Lane history
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Integrated communications
  • Carrier management
  • Mobile access
  • CRM

Make your business more profitable by handling more loads in less time with smaller staff and more efficiently track your documents in our paperless system.

Stratebo Select Package

Stratebo TMS Package Elements plus:

  • Carrier bill processing
  • Shipper invoicing
  • Account statements
  • Commission management
  • Accounting Software
  • Cash Management Option
    • Check printing
    • Vendor payment
    • Posting checks
  • Phone/Fax/Email
  • Cloud servers
  • Training/coaching

Add all the back office services typically performed by both the transportation and accounts payable departments to streamline your internal operations, save money, and use your people for revenue generating activities.

Stratebo Corporate Agent

Stratebo Select Package Elements plus:

  • Become a sub-agent of Stratebo Technologies, an agent of One Horn Transportation
  • One Horn’s reputation and credit in industry
  • Access to load boards
  • Wholesale LTL rates
  • Vendor Management
  • Document/image storage
  • Single weekly invoice
  • Integration w/in-house production software
  • Live market rate info
  • Bond

Bypass your freight broker and get access to the same tools a broker has to get more control and transparency on trucking rates, which improves your business performance, so you can use your savings for revenue generating activities.

Not sure which package works for you? Contact us. We'll review your current processes, identify areas to streamline, and find the solution that is right for you!

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