We scale your backoffice as you grow

Stratebo is a TMS and Transportation Back Office TBO system that handles all technology aspects of a brokerage and automates away most back office operations. You can focus on growing your business without having to worry how your back office will grow with you.

Our Technology

Our technology streamlines and automates all facets of your brokerage operation from TMS to Phones,so all you have focus on is to move more freight. Did we mention our inteligent chat bot TeboTM always there to help you.

Virtual Trucking Company

Automated Data Entry

We use the cloud and your vendors to do data entry for you so you don't have to!

Virtual Trucking Company

Completely Paperless

Our motto is we take the work and the paper out of the paper work. Nowadays you cannot be efficient and still use/need a printer!

Eliminate Back Office

Mobile operations

Need to check on a load from the road, you can send a simple text to our Inteligent Agent TeboTM to get all the load details

We Do The Work For You

Stratebo can manage your backoffice for you so you can focus on what you do best, move freight. From carrier management to customer collections we have the experience and technology to power your business.

Carrier Onboarding

Carrier paperwork verification, insurance certificates, authority, W9, we manage it for you!

Customer Onboarding

Credit checks, invoicing parameters days to pay all done for you!

Commission Management

Imagine commission calculations and payment at the touch of a button!

Carrier Bill Processing

Carrier bill processing, POD review, quick-pay, bill payment, processed daily to improve cash flow!

Customer Invoicing

Customer invoice generation and transmission by mail, email or even fax!

Payment processing and Collections

Check posting and statement generation and distribution, collection follow up calls!

Helping you grow your business

Not sure what to do next to grow your business? Make it more profitable? We can help you!.

Brokerage Incubator

Just got your license? We can help you get started and organized

Shipper Transportation Department

We can show you how to turn your transportation department into a profit center!

Scaling Up

We can help you build a management system for your business!

Why Us

We bring an unusual mix of expertise, experience and technical know-how to the process of managing a transportation brokerage. We have built a scalable brokerage infrastructure and are now ready to share our secret sauce with the rest of the industry. Give us a call! It could be a life changing experience!

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